Help To Speed Up Joomla Website

Do you need help to speed up your Joomla website? At Dean Marshall Consultancy we have a great deal of experience showing website operators how to speed-up slow Joomla websites, in fact it is one of the most requested website help services we offer.

We can help you - if you've been asking yourself one of these questions:

  • Why is my Joomla website slow?
  • Why is Joomla slow?
  • How do I speed up Joomla?
  • How do I speed up my Joomla website?
  • How to Speed Up - Optimize Joomla Performance?

A major reason to speed up a slow Joomla website is that Google and other search engines now factor site speed into their algorithms helping to decide the order in which your website is inserted into search results. Slow websites appear further down the search engine results.  Faster websites, over time, will rise to the top and gain more visitors.

There is absolutely no reason for a slow Joomla website - they should perform at the same speed as any other website, no faster and no slower - we can help increase Joomla's speed. Like all websites, a number of factors can impact CMS website speed, reducing performance and making the website slow.  We can find the cause, and fix website speed issues in order to help speed-up Joomla for you.

Our experienced team of professional website speed optimisation experts can help by making changes to:

  • your site
  • to your server
  • the way you or your team use your Joomla site

We have a proven track record of helping speed-up slow Joomla sites like yours, usually with very significant speed improvements and performance gains.  We can provide testimonials and put you in touch with satisfied customers who will vouch for the increase in their website's speed - we solve Joomla site speed issues.

How To Improve Joomla Performance and Speed-up Your Slow Joomla Website

We use our experience and expertise to look at such website speed factors as

  • reducing the total number of images on a page - including
    • the number of graphics within CMS templates,
    • the number of images within your article(s)
    • and within modules such as image rotators.
  • the file size of images - small file sizes equals faster websites
  • the size and number of separate CSS style sheets within your Joomla template
  • the size and number of separate JS Javascript files within your CMS template

Optimised Web Server Settings Speed-up Joomla Performance

Some servers and web hosting packages are pre-configured better than others in terms of how well they signal to web browsers which files can be cached and for how long.

  • Database server load - cheaper hosting packages are often 'over sold' - more sites are hosted than the server can reasonably be expected to manage, with a negative impact on site speed.
  • Also some sites add too much burden installing too many gizmos and gadgets and publishing too many on one page.
  • gzip compression - Joomla has an option (off by default) to compress the html it outputs, sending it to the web browser up-to ten times smaller and therefore ten time quicker. While this can help somewhat, it is better to get your web server to compress all of its text output - including Javascript, css and html. Where available this will produce a much greater speed increase.

Joomla has a number of levels of caching available, as well as third party add-ons that can add further layers of caching. These cache options can significantly optimise performance and speed up Joomla websites - but each has its own caveats and can introduce further issues for the unwary. We can guide you through the options available to you and ensure you don't get bitten by these issues.

Is your Joomla website slow? If your need help to speed up Joomla then contact us today for a friendly discussion about your performance requirements. We can fix your Joomla site.

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