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Have you ever wondered what link stuffing looks like.  Google, some six years ago or so stopped this from helping rank well in their listings, but more and more I'm seeing it make a comeback.

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Here is the ultimate wrong doing of web design and SEO.

example :-

I'm going to have a bit of fun with this.

You may notice the text on the page may not make sense or is a little offensive, that is because you're going to be looking at a single page that is to generate over 100 pages each with different text depending on what is passed in via the web address.  Part of the page is replaced with whatever you put in the URL after the word 'region-'

I'm going to link to a page with the term 'Damp Dirty Disease Riddled Crap Condition'

For link text I'm going to use '<a target="_blank" href="" title="Link Stuffing Internet Spam">Internet Spammers</a>', although this might give them traffic and a link from a high ranked site, the link text might act as a down-grader.

Updated August 16 2012 - the link above no longer works.

Updated August 17 2012 - It has been confirmed to us that the Police are currently investigating a complaint against us for 'Stuffing' with regards to the website linked to above.

Apparently some people think this is 'hacking' - get over yourselves. We did not cause any permanent change to anyone's website in any way, authorised or not. We simply accessed the page as it was designed to be accessed (ie through the browser address bar) to make two points:

  1. The site - whether the business owners knew it or not - was spamming the search engines for financial gain
  2. The site was doing so in a very unsafe manner - unsafe to the business owner and potentially unsafe to the site visitor.



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