Choosing an SEO Company - Part 3

Cost Of Search Engine Optimisation

Cheap SEO Services

I hope people get to this page because of this heading. Cheap SEO does not work. Why would it?  If anyone offers cheap SEO services and can get results why are they not working for Tesco, ASDA, Argos, WalMart, Nike, Adidas, etc.  Do not be fooled by the offer of 'SEO need not cost the Earth', obviously you get what you pay for but budget services in my opinion are a waste of money.

Expensive SEO Services

Is the SEO company efficient in its work flow? ask them the stages and time scale of additions and/or changes to content, find out what link building strategy they deploy, they will not give you all the information needed for you to go and do it yourself, but you should be able to gauge a feeling for their working structure and know if their expensive services are because of skill or inefficiency.

More expensive does not mean better.

SEO Campaign and PPC Campaigns

SEO Campaign

This could be called on going SEO or a subscription services, SEO is a progressive and constant process.  This is not a way of getting more money out of a client, if you're unhappy cancel the agreement, SEO companies might have a minimum term of service provision, here at Dean Marshall Consultancy we have two ways of working on SEO campaigns:

  1. A twelve month contract that offers a 33% discount on the amount of monthly hours minimum of four hours per month, this can be preceded with an initial block of work to get the ball rolling.
  2. No contract or obligation on behalf of the client, as many or as little hours per month as you want but no discount on those hours, this can also be preceded with an initial block of work.

A one off block of SEO work will have an impact on your search results, mainly if your site is badly optimised in the first place, but I would strongly recommend an SEO campaign for every webmaster/site owner, as this will bring the best results.

PPC Campaign

Does the SEO company offer Pay Per Click services.

If you're launching a new services or product range, extra clicks to your new page(s) will help bring about sales and/or leads.  Creating and then managing a PPC campaign is time consuming and really needs a professional to work on it.  It requires you work through all aspects of SEO and CRO to make sure you're not wasting your money.  Google insist that advert clicks do not help you in their listings, but increased traffic puts your name out there and people will remember next time they see your organic listings, so although it might not help directly with higher listings they can come about from memory clicks.

Here we've mentioned some important factors and points for choosing an SEO company.  You know there are more but I cannot list them all, my advice is to take your time, be prudent with your money and once you've select an SEO company - trust them.

Joomla Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

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