Choosing an SEO Company

SEO can be the difference between success and insolvency.

What to look for in a SEO company

SEO companies come in all shapes and sizes, Dean Marshall Consultancy offer a full website service not just SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is not a 'yer I'll have a go' industry, but how many of us are getting a constant stream of emails about SEO services from supposed SEO companies, all you have to do is look at the email address ' This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ' and know their scammers.

So here is the question you need answering:

How to choose a professional and reputable SEO company

  • Do you deal with SEO for your own or your employers website?
  • Have you discovered that no matter how hard you try to SEO your site, it does not rank well?
  • Does your site rank well but optimising it, takes all your time and is costing you in other areas?
  • Have you reached a level in search engines and cannot push on further?

If you answer yes to the top question and at least one other, then you probably need a professional SEO company to take you to the next level.

Professional SEO has received a bad name of late, with so many people offering SEO services and a constant stream of spammy emails filling up peoples inboxes.

Reliable SEO companies do exist, but funnily enough you have to search properly to find them.  There are a lot of SEO professionals who seem to have a lot of time to blog, spend time in forums and write articles on SEO without actually doing an client work.

It is better if you have knowledge of SEO yourself, but if this is a subject you have little to no knowledge of and you're responsible for hiring an SEO company or single professional, then you need to know what to look for and what to avoid.

Help Choosing An SEO Company

Here are some major points to watch for when choosing an SEO company:

"Guaranteed No.1 rankings in Google"

No one can get guaranteed No.1 rankings in Google, not even Google themselves.  Example of this is to search Google for "Search Engine", they come fourth with an advert at the top - see image below.Google On Google Fro Search Term - Search Engine

Don't believe anybody who tells you guaranteed top ten rankings, SEO is sometimes David versus Goliath and the big man has a habit of winning, but with good honest content, human friendly to read, optimised for search engines and although not part of SEO but CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimisation ) a clear vivid shouty 'Call To Action'.

SEO Testimonials, SEO Clients, Service Sheets, White Papers

Have they got them?, if not why not?, ask the questions, it may be that they have them but are busy or targeting other areas at the moment, I will say this several times but you do have to use a bit of gut instinct and feeling for a possible SEO services provider.  I personally would want to see testimonials or a client list, I would ask about contacting them for an honest opinion, just to gauge their response.

Former and to a smaller effect current customers are not supposed to be hidden away, DMC like nothing better than to show who our clients are for the various services we provide.  Rejections because of confidentiality clauses, should sound warning alarms about the credibility of an SEO company.

SEO Company Background Check

Do your homework to find out the age of the company, if the SEO company has recently become a limited company ask about the period before.  Where is the company's registered address and where are their offices, a difference in locations should sound warning alarms dependent on the size of the company.

Far more important 'do they have offices?' there are far too many SEO professionals and supposed SEO companies operating out of their bedrooms, check for professional premises, this is a major point and should be adhered to in any business deal.

Google the company's name, it may through up some interesting results, make sure to check.

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