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Put yourself in your visitors mindset

Joomla Homepage SEO - Tips and Ideas

When it comes to creating your homepage, whether you get it professionally developed or develop it yourself, it is easy to focus on the message that you want your site to say.  Unfortunately, your message doesn't usually match the questions your visitors need answering when they first land on your site.

You need to look at how you present the services and/or products you offer on your website from your potential client's / buyer's eyes.

Joomla SEO - Six Questions You Must Answer:

From the point of view of a site visitor answer these questions: Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?, and How?

Who are you?

Your logo is the obvious and instant answer to this question, normally positioned top left with a direct link to your home page. We, like many developers, have a h1 tag behind our logo which is the same as our home page title for SEO strength.

What do you do?

A tag line under, or alongside, your logo is the first place most Internet users look for this information - whether consciously or not. As you can see our tag line is: Joomla website design and commercial website support, for SEO purposes this tag line is a h2, it tries to the answer the 'What do you do' question for visitors while dropping in our target keywords. We look to further answer this question on the home page in prime real estate location with the heading: Joomla Help and Support Experts - Website Consultants, this prime real estate area offers the ideal location to answer several of the questions posed; additionally, we use a rotator to put as much information as possible in front of our site visitors.

Where are you?

In todays world you don't need to be geographically located locally to potential clients or customers, but people are far more trusting if you answer this question quickly and easily, in the top right hand side of this site we have two phone numbers, an 0800 number and a local number prefixed with the city we're located in - Lancaster.  The rotator also mentions Lancaster and neighboring town Morecambe with national geographical area i.e North West England.  Contact us pages are widely regarded as places to gain this information and you should also be aware that it is a legal requirement for a website (as with any other business 'publication') to list the companies registered address and company number!

When are you available? - When can we talk? - When can you start? - When will it be finished? - When will I have it?

Lets be honest this is the one we want to avoid answering.

Ecommerce has transformed shopping in the UK, you can now buy online 24/7 - 365 days a year.  People still want to know "when will I have it by?", answering this question big and bold on the home page of an ecommerce site gives visitors faith and can be enough to 'seal the sale'.

Answering some of the questions above can be difficult depending on the industry, niche or genre of your Joomla powered website.  We would always try to answer one of these questions on your home page, we've answered the 'When will it be finished?' question by telling visitors 30 - 45 day development turnaround.

Why should I buy from you / hire you?

Tell them!, shout why!, put it in their face and don't be shy about it.

View the Dean Marshall Consultancy Joomla Experts homepage to see these examples

example 1). Dean Marshall Consultancy Limited provide professional Joomla website design, development and consultancy services to Content Management System (CMS) users throughout the world.

example 2). Dean Marshall Consultancy Limited are web designers offering expert Joomla website design and development services

We are internationally renowned Joomla experts, currently the world's leading Content Management System (CMS). We will build you a system that lets you manage your own website easily and effectively.

example 3). Not just one Joomla expert, but a whole team of Joomla experts, offering support packages leaving you to concentrate on your web site's content

  • let our experts help with CMS and Joomla component upgrades and updates
  • let our Joomla security experts help take care of your website security and back-ups
  • let our web server consultants troubleshoot Joomla site speed issues

How do I contact you?

Omitting this information is the biggest sin you can make on your website.  We are often amazed at how difficult it is to track down contact details for some organisations.

Joomla SEO Call To Action

If a website visitor is at the point where they want to contact or buy from you and they cannot immediately see where to click or what to do next, you've missed the point and probably lost the customer!

'Call To Action' is one of, if not the most important element of any page, this article is focused on home page issues but the general lack of a call to action is a massive issue site wide.

Imagine a first time visitor hits your home page and they like the design,

  1. They can see who you are
  2. They can clearly see what you do
  3. They know where you are
  4. You offer a product or service that they want/need
  5. You tell them they can contact you or buy from you 24/7

But they cannot workout how to contact you or where the online store is. Perhaps you have successfully persuaded them to proceed but you haven't explicitly told them what to do next or where to go. Perhaps they are on the brink of taking action but not quite there - a nice shiny button clearly telling them 'buy now and save £x' might have been enough to get action. Marketing people have an acronym AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Many websites get the visitors attention, get them interested, create a desire but don't tip the visitor over the edge and generate an action.  Part of our role as your online marketing professional is to help take your Joomla website to the point where you generate a user action - a strong, clear 'call to action' will help.

Joomla - Multiple SEO Call To Actions

Joomla has the ability to have multiple 'Call To Action' modules load in the same position on different pages, giving you the ability to use multiple messages and contacts or phone numbers.

Remember this blog post is about putting yourself in your visitors mind, look at your site and really analyses how easy is it to navigate and can you see the answers to the six questions above: Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?, and How?

Increase Leads and Therefore Sales from Joomla Websites

If you look at your website through the eyes of a first time visitor, and ask yourself does the site answer all of these questions and your site is still not generating leads or sales, the quality of your content is probably letting you down, or perhaps you have no SEO campaign and simply aren't getting the visitors.

If you are getting lots of traffic but no sales or leads, I know you cannot answer yes to many of the questions above!

Or, nobody wants your products and/or services.

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