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Do Joomla SEF URL Extensions Work?

YES and NO!

They can give you total control over how your URLs are generated. BUT, they can also clear their list of URLs and rebuild them in a completely different way.

I've seen sites with thousands of 404 errors and htaccess files that are 10MB in size. That's the amount of data in most YouTube videos.

So the question is are they worth it? I strongly believe NOT, I don't believe SEF URLs are that important any more and the issues that third party Joomla SEF extensions cause are simply not worth the minimal gain you might benefit from having them.

SEF URLs Are Not As Important In SEO As They Once Were

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Joomla On Page SEO

The basics of Joomla SEO are different to SEOing other website platforms.

The architecture of categories and menus are not fully controllable on a page by page basis. You have to understand and follow the rules of how a Joomla powered website works.

All too many Joomla developers are not good enough to control the structure of URLs and do not have the SEO knowledge to understand why it is important.

Joomla SEO - Importance Of Page Titles

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Joomla SEO - How To Speed Up Joomla Homepage Load Time

Does your Joomla homepage take several seconds to load?

Here's a quick and very useful way of speeding up the load time of your Joomla powered website's homepage.

This might not work for everybody, depending on your site's hosting server configuration, but it should work for 80 - 90% of slow Joomla websites.

Speed Up Joomla - Create A Static HTML Homepage

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Search Engine Friendly SEF URLs - Human Friendly HF URLs

Are search engine friendly URLs needed?

Google's ranking algorithms have around 200 signals that give your site its listing position. These algorithms change weekly and include such things as PageRank, number of inbound links, inbound link anchor text, age of domain, etc, etc.

SEF URLs do still have some weight when it comes to the ranking algorithms, but this is greatly reduced from passed years.

Search Engine Friendly URLs vs Human Friendly URLs

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Joomla Redirecting Multiple URLs - Home Page

How not to lose Joomla home page link juice

Check your home page for how many URLs will work i.e: ( whatever is the name of your default menu item ) ( whatever is the name of your default menu item )

Multiple Home Page URLs

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Link Stuffing

Have you ever wondered what link stuffing looks like.  Google, some six years ago or so stopped this from helping rank well in their listings, but more and more I'm seeing it make a comeback.

View A Link Stuffing Website

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Choosing an SEO Company

SEO can be the difference between success and insolvency.

What to look for in a SEO company

SEO companies come in all shapes and sizes, Dean Marshall Consultancy offer a full website service not just SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is not a 'yer I'll have a go' industry, but how many of us are getting a constant stream of emails about SEO services from supposed SEO companies, all you have to do is look at the email address ' This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ' and know their scammers.

So here is the question you need answering:

How to choose a professional and reputable SEO company

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Choosing an SEO Company - Part 2

On and off page SEO focus - test questions for SEO professionals

On Page SEO

Keywords and more so now keyphrases, are the focus of on page SEO integrated into quality content that is well structured.  Once upon a time you could target a single keyword and rank highly for it, the web has moved on and 'authority sites' own these single targeted keywords.

Ask the SEO company you are in talks with what their main ten keyphrases are, Google them and have a look on their website to see if they really are the keyphrases they target.  Home page description, headings and menu items will tell you if they really are their targeted keyphrases.

Off Page SEO

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Choosing an SEO Company - Part 3

Cost Of Search Engine Optimisation

Cheap SEO Services

I hope people get to this page because of this heading. Cheap SEO does not work. Why would it?  If anyone offers cheap SEO services and can get results why are they not working for Tesco, ASDA, Argos, WalMart, Nike, Adidas, etc.  Do not be fooled by the offer of 'SEO need not cost the Earth', obviously you get what you pay for but budget services in my opinion are a waste of money.

Expensive SEO Services

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Joomla SEO - Homepage Message - Visitor's Mindset

Put yourself in your visitors mindset

Joomla Homepage SEO - Tips and Ideas

When it comes to creating your homepage, whether you get it professionally developed or develop it yourself, it is easy to focus on the message that you want your site to say.  Unfortunately, your message doesn't usually match the questions your visitors need answering when they first land on your site.

You need to look at how you present the services and/or products you offer on your website from your potential client's / buyer's eyes.

Joomla SEO - Six Questions You Must Answer:

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Conversion Rate Optimisation - CRO

High search engine traffic rate - little to no sales or leads generated.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimisation - this is a different thought related concept. The aim with conversion rate optimisation, CRO for short, is to make the most of the traffic your site gets. Reducing your websites bounce rate and not spending money or time on attracting more visitors is the key to this process. Converting the current search traffic into leads or sales is usually trickier then webmasters / site-owners realise, people have become more savvy and also cautious online, they will take their time to look/shop around.

Increase Online Lead and Sales Conversion

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Should I link to my main pages from the home page?

Unbelievably I was asked that question this week from a prospective client, as you can imagine my jaw hit the ground.  I don't mean to sound patronising, but seriously!

Joomla Menu Structure

Every website needs good menu architecture, clear user navigation is vital.  You're wasting your time and money on pretty pictures and design concepts without clear navigation and high quality content.  At Dean Marshall Consultancy we try and insert all articles into one consolidated menu. Lots of small menus makes navigating your site a nightmare and furthermore make module management within the website difficult for the administrators.  If you can, you should put your articles into one menu and create a single menu module to display a list of links for the category you are browsing.  As an added bonus breadcrumbs and Search Engine Friendly URLs will also be more consistent.

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