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Update August 1st 2007

As you will see elsewhere on this website - I have now left JoomlaShack - I think on good terms and I hope I have left them better placed than before I started. I learnt plenty in my time with 'the Shack' and enjoyed working with the guys there.  

Original Announcement 

As you may have read elsewhere on the site Dean is now doing some work for JoomlaShack.

JoomlaShack are the leading provider - me biased, never - of Joomla templates and bespoke customisation services. Follow this link if you don't know what Joomla is and you want further details of what the Joomla Content Management System can do for you.  

We have had a few enquiries from people concerned that perhaps Dean Marshall PC and Internet Consultancy may be closing shop now that Dean is working with the JoomlaShack team. Below we attempt to clarify the position:

Are Dean Marshall PC and Internet Consultancy Services still offering

  • independent web site work
  • script support services
  • custom programming

The answer is a most catagoric yes - hence the tick marks next to each point above. Our work continues. For now Dean is doing an hour or two per day with the JoomlaShack team. Existing customers and potential customers should not worry about whether or not there are enough hours in the day (although occassionally there aren't).

Here are Dean's thoughts on the subject: 

The guys over at JoomlaShack are a great bunch, very professional and dedicated to promoting Joomla to the business world as well as doing more than their fair share of 'Giving back to the Joomla community'.

I am proud to work with them and all the signs are that my involvement with the JoomlaShack team will grow over time.

My skills complement those of the rest of the team - whereas they already have their graphics gurus (an area I am weak in and wishing to improve) and their CSS gurus ( I dabble - enough to trouble-shoot), I hope to bring my knowledge of programming and scripting, server side technologies and my eclectic rag bag of assorted bits and pieces to bear.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a bit of a know it all. That eclectic knowledge of computer and internet technologies - and my know-it-all nature - comes in useful with customer support / technical support.

Initially I am manning JoomlaShack's customer support forums and providing advice to customers on all aspects of JoomlaShack templates and more generally on the use of Joomla itself - with 1500 or so posts in the official Joomla support forums I do know my way around Joomla and some of its intricacies.

In my time working with the JoomlaShack team I hope to gain a more in-depth knowledge in Joomla's advanced templating features, as well as gaining more experience of supporting Joomla users - on a wide variety of live sites.

Joomla (Mambo before the split) has been my preferred means of developing and maintaining web sites for a couple of years now - working with the JoomlaShack team can only be good for me and for my present and future clients. If nothing else it is a mark of recognition of my expertise in this field and should in fact reassure clients that they are dealing with an 'expert'.

So to clarify (and summarise) - the JoomlaShack relationship is in addition to our usual workload - not instead of. The experience of working closely with such a large template supplier and supporting so many users is already leading to greater knowledge of Joomla within our team - and this knowledge will filter through to our existing and future clients.


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