Joomla Template Customisation Help

Professional Joomla template customisation help - do you need support customising your template? Our team of Joomla professionals can help.

Sooner or later you will want to make tweaks to your website's look and feel - this is controlled by your CMS template.  Whether you bought an off the shelf Joomla template, perhaps through one of the many Joomla template clubs, or whether you had a designer custom program you a totally bespoke template design, chances are you will want to carry out some template customisation or tweaking.

Joomla Template Help From Recognised Troubleshooting Specialists

We've worked with some of the biggest names in Joomla template clubs. We have years of experience of editing website templates, day in and day out, working with the best Joomla template manufacturers.

Joomla Template Customisation Help

We can help you implement all manner of Joomla template tweaks. Whatever kind of template help you need, we can help you fix it:

  • Help swapping template images - do you need to change a background image or swap the template designer's logo for your own
  • Changing template font colour and font sizes - make links a different colour or switch to a font with a little more character
  • Help with Joomla template customisation - perhaps you are experiencing glitches with your template we can help.
  • Help moving modules - add new 'template positions' to your Joomla template to position your modules (sidebar blocks)
  • Lost your Favicon - shown in the browser address bar and on browser tabs the 'favicon' helps identify your website
  • HTML Validation - sites that don't validate may break disability discrimination laws. Poor validation is also a major cause of cross browser issues causing websites to display differently in different web browsers. We can help you fix Joomla template glitches.
  • Fix Javascript errors in templates. Do you see "Done but with error on page"?  Depending upon a user's settings Javascript errors may go unnoticed or may be very much 'in your face'.

Joomla Module and Component Customisation

Sometimes you get a display glitch within your website that isn't actually caused by your template.  Sometimes you install a third party add-on that just gets it wrong and it breaks your nice display. The fix will involve slight customisation of your template. We can help.

Troubleshooting Any Joomla Display Glitch

Whatever the template tweak you need to make, we have the experienced team of professional template specialists who can help you implement your Joomla template tweaks and change the way your Joomla website looks and works.

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