How To Choose A Joomla SEO Company

What to look for when choosing a Joomla SEO company - ability, professionalism and results.

If you are going to hire an SEO company, you must do your research first.

If you are contacted by a Joomla SEO company, ask yourself these questions:

  1. If you're so good at SEO, why are you having to contact me?
  2. Why is your email address an,
  3. I find spammy emails annoying, are you going to recommend that I do what you do?
  4. Why don't you list a website address in your email?

There are many more questions that will run through your mind.

Yes, putting yourself out there and finding new clients is an essential part of business, but unsolicited emails will give you a bad reputation and push potential client away.  Bringing new clients via your website is the new advertising, spend the money on your site with great design, clear navigation, concise content at the top of a page, in-depth content at the bottom, media supporting your content and of course a very clear and shouty 'CALL TO ACTION'.

Your website and web presence in the modern day should account for more than half of your marketing budget, but as is obvious, you have to spend wisely.  There are many reports that clearly show, dropping your marketing budget in times of recession, is the wrong thing to do.  This is the time when small to medium size companies, have the chance to really grow and push forward, but if you sit on the fence and do nothing, you will lose out.

So, why am I reading this article?

You're reading this article because you searched for an SEO or Search Engine Optomisation related term and found us, we did not send you a spammy email, nor did we get in contact via a third party agency.

You have to be careful when choosing a Joomla SEO company, anybody can claim to do this, so how do you know who to choose?

Six point list to help you choose an SEO company:

1). If They Don't Rank Well - Then Neither Will You

The obvious place to start is Google or other SERPs, if they don't rank highly for SEO terms stay away.  You do have to be realistic, only one website in the world can rank number one for any given term, so take your time think about what you want from your SEO company, local/regional to you, you are using a specific CMS or site creator, or maybe you are looking for more than just Search Engine Opomisation, and require a single source provider for all your needs.

Sites like Alexa offer an all round ranking system, find four or five companies and research their standings and rankings.

2). Read Their Content

Okay, so you've found a high ranking site, but is the content on their site readable, have they structure their content to only work for search engines?  Yes you need to rank highly for your search terms, but if a prospective client finds your site and cannot understand what you do or why they are there, you've lost them, wave goodbye, their not coming back.

Content on a site needs to do three things:

  1. Rank highly in SERPs
  2. Be readable by site users
  3. Draw users into you, don't make them think what to do next, it has to be obvious - 'CONTACT US' or 'BUY NOW'

If the SEO company's content is unreadable or badly structured, so will yours be!

3). How Long Has the Company Been Around?

A company's longevity is a good indication of stability and how good they are at what they do.

When choosing a Joomla SEO company, the length of time they've been in business matters.  They will run their business via a website so use an online tool such as whois to gain an understanding of the age of their website (URL).

4). Spam emails = Con artists

The type of companies that send out spammy emails have a name, con artists, no legitimate SEO company will ever send out spam, it's a sure fire way to end their business and become a joke in their profession.  As I said at the top of this article, why are they having to contact me?

5). Read Their Testimonials And Talk To Previous Clients

If their website has testimonials, contact a few of their customers, ask about their experience with the company and employees.

If testimonials don't have contact information or a web address, you should be cautious, if everything else seems okay, ask for contact details from the company, if they don't or won't provide them, then find another Joomla SEO company.

6). Can You Contact Them?

You would be amazed how many new clients come to us, simply because they cannot get in touch with a company they hired in good faith to do work for them.

If the company provides a street address, Google it to see if it's a real address. If they provide a telephone number, call it to see if it's answered by the company or an answering service. If they don't provide a telephone number, walk away. Search Engine Optomisation is serious business, you need to have the ability to talk to whomever is going to be handling your account. You need to be able to ask questions, and you have a right to expect your questions to be answered, in a professional manner.

7). Are They Having To Advertise To Be Seen

A huge number of Internet users do not realise that most listings at the top of Google are 'paid for ads', they have a washed out background colour, and at the top right hand corner the tag 'Ads'.  Listings down the right hand column are also ads but this is widely known.

If you choose one of these providers you should realsie that they have paid for their listing, and not achieved an organic ranking.

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