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Joomla SEO Website promotion can be achieved through two major strategies.  Most people will favour one strategy over the other but they are by no means exclusive.  With our Joomla SEO services and website promotion services we can help your business make more money. Our Joomla SEO services will help get your website seen by more potential customers, which should in turn generate more leads and enquiries, thus hopefully more sales...!

  • Joomla SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is the phrase used mostly to describe the process of adjusting a site's content to influence its position in search engine results and rankings.  The use of search engine friendly language is paramount to this process. We could improve your search engine rankings, thus potentially generating more sales from your website.
  • Website placement - is a phrase more closely associated with advertising a website through sponsored links on the search engine pages and creation of external blogging, article submission and listings.

Conversion Rate Optimisation - this is a different thought related concept. The aim with conversion rate optimisation, CRO for short, is to make the most of the increased traffic your site gets after our Joomla SEO services have done their job. Often designers and developers make decisions on a purely subjective basis. Site visitors are not entirely rational - all sorts of emotional and rational influences combine to affect whether a visitor clicks where the marketer/designer intends. CRO utilises split testing to show different versions of a page to samples of the audience. The most successful version is then shown to the bulk of the audience that follows. By introducing solid analysis of multiple factors great improvements in conversion rates can be seen.

Why choose website promotion through organic Joomla SEO?

Most people prefer to be well placed in the main search engine results - on the left of the page. These are the free or 'organic' search results that our SEO services target and are generated by the search engines in their own way. This is where most people look when they use search engines.  New sites can take a while to be found by search engines - but building great quality backlinks from sites that are crawled on an hourly basis will get the ball rolling on your organic Joomla SEO campaign / website promotion.

Although we would usually expect to see your site show significantly improved search engine results, positioning or 'ranking' within a month of being optimised by our SEO experts, no one can guarantee this - and you should beware of anyone who tries to give such guarantees.

Organic Joomla SEO is for you if:

  • On-going cost is an issue - You don't want to spend money on a 'pay per click' promotion campaign.
  • Suspicion of ads - Your target audience are suspicious of the 'sponsored links'.
  • Blindness to ads - Your target audience are totally unaware of 'sponsored links' and don't even see them.
  • People trust search engines - Most importantly - promotion through optimisation of your website in organic search engine results pages is for you if your business needs the prestige or the validation that occurs when visitors find your site in the search engines.  Don't forget - people trust search engines. If you aren't there you may be viewed suspiciously or at least uncertainly.

Joomla SEO Process

  • SEO Keyword research - Putting yourself in the shoes of the typical person who is looking for your product or service and deciding what they would type into a search engine. Also analyse competitor sites for their idea of good keywords - SEO. You could also consult a thesaurus for suitable synonyms for your keywords. Using online SEO keyword tools enables you to see the number of searches made for various terms on search engines.
  • SEO Website optimisation - Putting those keywords into the pages of your site. Put them in titles, headings, sub headings, into your body text and meta descriptions. Avoid keyword stuffing, keep your site's content natural and above all readable.
  • Backlinks to improve SEO - Google in particular put a lot of weight on the number of 'in-bound links'. The theory is that if lots of people are linking to you then you must be important. Also if important sites are linking to you, you may be of note.
  • Directory listings - Not all sites are equal. Sites that list sites in your field can bring plenty of traffic and some directories - such as The Open Directory Project feed directly into Google and Alexa so are worth chasing. Avoid spammy directories that are not relevant to your business / sector and as much as possible get DoFollow links.
  • Blogging - Posting articles on sites like this is a good way to bring visitors to your site, but the articles must have value and worth. Your mindset must be to put your information / message in front of people who might not visit your site normally, in an effort to bring them to your site.

Professional Joomla SEO Services - The Benefits

When Will I See The Benefits Of My Joomla SEO Expenditure

It may take a month or so for your site to start being ranked or rank better in search engines. With so many factors involved you shouldn't trust anyone who 'guarantees' you will rank well.  Past results - and current results - can give a strong indicator.

If you are looking to hire a professional Joomla SEO company then check their rankings in search engines, don't be afraid to ask the questions that need asking.

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