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Joomla security can be tricky.  From the moment your site goes live, hackers start probing it looking for Joomla security vulnerabilities.  Websites get hacked every day - sites like yours. Generally, Joomla security is very good, but server administrators and website administrators make mistakes and so do the programmers who write Joomla add-ons. Like you, most website administrators are not Joomla security experts.

Our Joomla security audit will reduce the chances of your site being hacked and additionally, should you suffer a hacking incident we'll ensure that you are prepared with back-ups and a full disaster recover plan.

Finally, for new customers who approach us after their Joomla security has been compromised with a hacked Joomla website, we offer a range of Joomla de-hacking services. We can cleanse your hacked Joomla site.

Our team of professional Joomla security experts understand web technology.  As experts in CMS security you can trust us to help you with your website security needs.  Contact us for our Joomla security services and we could harden the security of your existing website, offer security advice about server set-up and best practise for web site administrators.

Joomla Security Audit or Security Scan

A Joomla security audit can help stop your website being hacked. We will analyse your website's security, list vulnerable Joomla extensions and recommend upgrades where they are needed. Additionally, as part of our expert services we will look at your server's set-up and important security settings - again making security recommendations listing urgent and recommended changes. Find more information about our Joomla security audits.

Is your Joomla website hacked? We Will Fix or Cleanse it and Secure It

Recovering from website hacking (technically cracking) and other Joomla security exploits is a complex process.  We have a vast array of experience when it comes to de-hacking Joomla websites or resurrecting your website from back-ups. If your Joomla website is hacked then you need our professional website security services.  Our Joomla security experts really can help.

We offer three main services for recovering / cleaning and securing a hacked Joomla website:

  1. Restoring a hacked Joomla site from a known good website back-up
  2. Cleansing a hacked website in-situ
  3. Full clean rebuild of website's files

In all cases we can offer practical advice about how to increase your Joomla security. If you don't know how to de-hack your website, you need our help. Find more information about our Joomla de-hack and security service - we will fix your hacked Joomla site.

Joomla Disaster Planning and Back-up Procedures

Key to any website disaster recovery planning is a solid, reliable backup routine. Our team of experienced security experts can advise about, and help you implement just such a back-up routine. Remember, a back-up routine is only as good as its weakest link - and no back-up can be classed as 'good' until you have tested it fully - including resurrecting your Joomla website entirely from the back-up.

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