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Website optimisation: SEO, increase website traffic, website re-design, speed up Joomla sites, convert Google traffic into leads/sales...

Our Joomla website optimisation services can be tailored into whatever package you need. We offer a full range of web design services, so why not get everything done in one go from professional Joomla developers.

  • SEO - get your website higher listings in search engines.
  • Increased Website Traffic - make the most of the four lines displayed by Google.
  • Web Design - keep people on your site for longer and make your site memorable.
  • Site Speed - visitors to your site will leave quickly if your pages take too long to load.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation - convert site visitors into leads and/or sales

Your website is there to make you money. If your site is not doing its job, then you need to take action. Websites are shop windows to the world, you don't need people to come to you, you need them to come to your website and contact or buy from you.

Dean Marshall Consultancy have a proven track record when dealing with SMEs, local government, public sector and large corporations, we always increase our clients listings in Google and other search engines.

Depending on the nature of your business, we design sites for the needs and requirements of that business. Web design must fit the needs of the client. We are Joomla experts through and through, our knowledge of Joomla's requirements for security and site speed is second to none. We can get you high listings in Google and still have the ability for you to sell yourself in the snippet Google displays - this is a skill, as most professional SEO companies need to use that space to rank, not sell.

Joomla Website Optimisation Services

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

On Page SEO - is the phrase used most commonly to describe the process of adjusting a site's content to influence its position in search engine results and rankings.  The use of search engine friendly language is paramount to this process. Clear navigation that helps search engines crawl your website efficiently, without finding the same content twice or more with different URLs ( Duplicate Content ), is now a major factor in on page SEO. We can improve your search engine rankings, thus potentially generating more sales from your website.

Off Page SEO - for the last two to three years has been the major ranking factor in Google, links from as many sites as possible where the link text ( anchor text ) is an exact match to your keywords. Google say this is changing. Experiments from industry experts are showing links from high quality, related sites are far more valuable than low quality sites, meaning that inbound links are still of great value but only from high quality, powerful websites. We can create high quality relevant backlinks to your website, improving your sites global Internet standing. Article submissions and blog posts are also covered in this service.

Increased Website Traffic

Google Snippet Enhancement - getting high rankings in Google is becoming more and more difficult. There are more websites on the net every day, with genre specific directories taking up top ten listings in Google - it has never been harder to rank in the top ten. So to get the highest rankings possible and use your page meta description as a sales pitch is a real skill.

Here at Dean Marshall Consultancy we, like most other web designers/SEO's use the start of the title and description tags to target our main keyphrases, but using the rest of the description to attract clicks rather than gain higher rankings is gaining weight in SEO. Just ranking highly does not bring searchers traffic through to your site.

Most of the terms in our description are not featured on the page linked to, but they do appear prominently in the menu. We receive more click throughs with this sort of description as opposed to a 'spammy' description full of keyphrases.

Lancaster has a greater online presence in the US, be aware of this in your area, just adding UK at the end of your description combined with your should be enough, .com URLs may differ.

Increased website traffic comes not just from higher listings, but from making the most of the four lines displayed by Google.

Joomla Web Design

Update existing Joomla website design and improve SEO

Just because your website has a dated design, does not mean you have to throw everything away and start again. The beauty of Joomla is it's ability to change and modernise. The entire look and feel of your site can be changed with a new 'off the shelf template'. Give your site a more bespoke feel have your new Joomla template customised - you would be amazed what six hours of work can do to an off the shelf Joomla template.

Here is an example of how your Joomla homepage can be transformed from the standard design:

And what a few hours work can do:

You can tell that they are the same template but the second design is unique and fits the clients needs perfectly.

The fact is design can keep a visitor on your site longer and make your site memorable, but it will not bring new visitors to your site and therefore will not create extra leads/sales.

Speed Up Your Joomla Website

Google is pushing webmasters hard to speed up websites and make servers more efficient. How do they do this? By giving slow loading websites penalties and dropping them in their listings. If your site loads slowly you are annoying the two main groups you want to attract, search engines and of course website visitors.

There is no doubt about it and you know this yourself, if a website takes too long to load you either a)refresh the page or b)leave. If refreshing the pages still leaves the visitor hanging, they go -  and probably won't come back.

We can speed up your Joomla website, reducing image file sizes, removing excessive and bad HTML code, condense CSS files to as few as possible (normally two - one template and one system), set headers and file extension caching, remove old unused redirects, etc.

Conversion Rate Optimisation - CRO

You can have all the site traffic you want. If visitors aren't buying or contacting you, you're throwing your money away. Converting visitors into leads/sales is a learned skill. All websites we build come with a good level of CRO as standard, 'call to action' markers across the site and clear 'Contact Us' links embedded within pages.

CRO is so much more than the basics. By offering visitors free information or discount codes in exchange for e-mail addresses, you help build your marketing database and allows you to keep putting yourself in front of potential clients/buyers.

We will work with you to execute a data capture campaign to build your marketing database and greatly increase your revenue stream.

Website optimisation speeds up slow web sites, increases website traffic, and improves conversion rates.

Our Joomla website optimisation services increase visits from search engines and can greatly increase your online conversion rate, bringing higher revenue and better profitability.

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