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We provide Joomla support to major associations (Religious bodies - United Nations - European trade), Public Sector, large corporate sites and an array of SMEs. Our contracted CMS support services offer superb value for money and instant Joomla help, from speeding up a Joomla website to bespoke programming and fixing your security issues.

Daily client work with our ad hoc Joomla help services, typically include: resetting the administrator password, stopping duplicate page titles/URLs created from modules/sub menus, correctly formatting htaccess files to set expires headers and file caching, fixing broken templates and even fixing sites after an upgrade has gone wrong. Whatever your support requirements we can help.

Joomla Support Options

Our help and support services are available in two ways:

Option 1: Contracted Support services are designed for ongoing longer term client relationships. We are not a "quick in and out" company, we prefer to be with you for the long haul, and to reflect this, our contracted services are offered at a massive 33% discount. Find out more about our Joomla support contract.

Option 2: On Demand Help services are more usually useful to new customers who have a serious problem requiring immediate expert trouble-shooting assistance. Find out more about our Joomla help on demand.

Template Help - Support

Template Customisation

We strongly believe that purchasing an off the shelf Joomla template and customising its layout, design and colour pallet gives Joomla site owners the best value template option. Templates that have been built by professional developers and designed by professional designers, are a great foundation for your site. YES we can build you whatever you want, but to start from scratch and build out will cost twice the amount as customising an off the shelf template.

Template customisation is a great services for the client, when taking out a support contract as we will also be able to improve the way your site works on a technical basis: site speed, validation, page file size and much, much more.

Template Tweaks

If you require a change/addition to your current template and cannot do the work yourself, we are here to help. Contact us with your Joomla template tweak requirements (as detailed as possible) for a speedy response and quote.

If you are planing a new area of your site, you want a different look and feel but you only want to use one template. We can implement a different style, colour scheme and even layout to separate the new area from the rest of the site.

Component and Module Help - Support

Component and Module Customisation

We've customised Virtuemart to do purchase orders, automatically set your shipping cost dependent on products and country, create custom emails for administrators for each status along the payment to shipping process, strip out countries that clients do not ship to, etc, etc.

We've customised components such as Sobi2, DOCman, DT Register, Documents Indexer, Jevents, the list goes on and on.

We also regularly customise core Joomla modules to work in ways that they are not designed for i.e latest news module customised to work in conjunction with FJrelate to display a list of latest articles that have a keyword match and not from one category.

Component and Module (add-ons) Installation

Joomla is the best CMS in the world for ease of use, but sometimes setting up new add-ons can be difficult and time consuming. Dean Marshall Consultancy can take the stress, hassle and learning curve away from you, setting up add-ons correctly in the first place makes using them far easier, saves you time each time you add to them and gives you the effect you want. Ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.

Joomla SEO

Joomla SEO

Our Joomla support services can be used for search engine optimisation, we can create a list of keywords / key phrases for your site to target. Build a strategy for new articles, blog posts and gaining the highest possible quality backlinks.

Site build quality/maintenance is Google's latest drive and will continue to grow in relevance over the next two to three years. Your website has to be properly built and kept that way, expires headers, image types and file types set to cache. Correct .htaccess rules/redirects/caching are very important and as I'm sure you all know, duplicate content/page titles have very quickly become one of the major down factors in Google's eyes.

We have the knowledge and ability to get your site functioning properly, structured correctly and running smoothly, we specialise in speeding up Joomla sites, another flag to Google's website build/maintenance drive.

Joomla Help - SEO

We can help in all areas of SEO, if you only have a small budget, we give you the best value SEO your money can buy. We are efficient and highly skilled, changes to page titles, headings and descriptions, with terms that people actually search for instead of terms that receive less than ten UK searches a month, that we see all too often.

Many other areas can be covered by our contracted or ad hoc Joomla support services. The list below gives you an idea of what Joomla help we do and can do for you:

  • Template customisation
  • Template tweaks
  • Bespoke customisation of components, plugins and modules
  • Installing and configuring components, plugins and modules
  • Joomla SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  • On-going page load time issues - speeding up your website
  • Critical updates and security monitoring of ecommerce sites
  • Setup content templates and styling tags to improve Joomla workflow and reduce content creation time
  • Securing and monitoring servers to stop downtime and prevent loss of sales
  • Changing - optimise Joomla menu structure
  • Reducing the proliferation of menus and modules (improve site architecture) to speed up your site
  • Website promotion and online marketing
  • Monitoring Google Analytics
  • Monitoring Google Adwords account
  • Adhoc advice or guidance on how certain tasks might be achieved
  • Advice or consultancy on choice of components, modules and plug-ins
  • Updating / upgrading your extensions

Joomla is a fantastic system, and we have no hesitation is recommending it for many business and organisational websites. We do recognise though that a website sits on top of a complex stack of technologies and things can go wrong in any one of myriad ways. Our aim is to ensure that whatever goes wrong we are here for you and we can help get your website and your business back on track.

If there is any support service you require that is not covered on this page, please contact us for guidance and advice on your issue or requirement.

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