Corporate Joomla Training - Off-site

The Dean Marshall Consultancy team comprises some leading figures from within the professional Joomla Training community.  These are people who are recognised experts in the CMS training field - and who have contributed thousands of hours and tens of thousands of articles and support forum posts in the Joomla CMS support communities.  These are the experts who write the guides that everyone else uses when they roll out their new site.

Corporate Joomla Training Service

If you will be using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) for your next website or you want to give new staff a real insight into what the Joomla CMS can do - we can help with your training.

Off-site and Conference Centre Based Joomla Training

Sometimes it is simply better to remove your staff from the distractions of the office in order to receive Joomla training.  Our experienced training team will travel to your preferred hotel, conference centre or training centre to deliver tailored Joomla training courses to your staff.

Off-site Joomla Training - Advantages of this approach

  • Relaxed training environment - Staff can benefit from a more relaxed and comfortable environment.
  • Availability of specialist learning equipment - Many conference and training centres can offer training equipment and facilities that would otherwise not be available.
  • Staff availability - Unlike on-site training, work related interruptions will not distract your staff and interrupt delivery of their Joomla training. This can improve information absorption and retention.

Types of Off-site Joomla Training Course

Our Joomla courses are infinitely customisable. For each course we suggest a delivery time-scale although these are guidelines only and customers are free to amend these as they see fit. Clients are reminded that shorter delivery times may result in reduced retention by the trainees.

The following types of course are ideally suited to off-site delivery:

  • Short Joomla courses - One and two day courses.
  • One week Joomla courses - Four or five day course.
  • Ongoing Joomla courses - delivered two days per week over a number of weeks.

Geographic Availability of Joomla Training

Off-site or conference centre based Joomla training is offered throughout the United Kingdom regardless of location. Whether you are in the North, South, East or West - whether you are in England, Wales or Scotland it doesn't matter to us. Please contact us now to discuss your Joomla training requirements.


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