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Continuing our series of articles examining Joomla terminology and Joomla jargon that a novice Joomla user is going to have to come to terms with. In this edition we are going to look at terms beginning with 'N's with all articles in this series we have broken the terms down into two groups: those terms that are Joomla specific and those more general IT terms that our new user is likely to have to come to terms with.  I hope that we are now well on the way to building the most comprehensive glossary of Joomla related terms out there. If you think we have missed anything feel free to drop us a line.

Joomla Terminology:


A navigation system within Joomla may consist of various aspects within a site. Navigation can be anything from a link on your site taking you to another location, a menu that you have across the top of each page, it may also include be something simple to a "bread crumb" which shows you how you got to the current page you are viewing.


Note in this area we are not referring to Social Networking.

Joomla has an incredible network of people who will help and give advice for free in their forum.  Many developers help novice or absolute beginners in the Joomla forums, this community of people giving their own time helps make joomla the worlds leading open source Content Management System (CMS).

Leading components such as VirtueMart, Sobi, Community Builder, etc, etc, have their own network of users and developers helping out in their forums, meaning Joomla web masters have the best experience and end product.

On websites such as Linkedin and other networks such as Google groups, Joomla has a very strong following, people coming together to create business, to help and to look at where a project such as Joomla is or should be going.

Joomla is not a company, it's a network of programmers who give their time and skills for free to help build an open source CMS.  The CMS that they build is used by millions of people to create their own website, and used by even more browsing the web.

Network in Joomla is everything, without all of these people coming together to create this CMS, you should expect to pay five to ten fold for your website.

News Feeds:



A newsletter can most likely be found in the form of an e-mail where an administrator will send out an e-mail to all registered members of his / her site. Within the e-mail there may be information about up-coming features or just general information about what is happening with the said website that the newsletter was generated from.



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