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HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

The language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. A 'mark-up language' is a plain text specification where structural information (and sometimes style/display information) is embedded within the actual text. HTML is a sub-set of a much more general language called xml. Modern HTML complies much more closely with the more rigorous xml definitions and is referred to as xHTML.  See also: xHTML, JavaScript and PHP.


HTML is a set of instructions embedded within normal text in a webpage. They take the form of keywords embedded within angle brackets (perhaps more widely known as 'less than' and 'greater than' symbols).  Most 'tags' take the form of an opening (starting) and closing (ending) pair of tags. The closing tag being distinguished by the presence of a slash as the first character within the angle brackets.

<p> ... </p> - these two tags start a paragraph - and then end a paragraph. Everything in between is the paragraph.

Major elements within a webpage include.
<html> ... </html>  (the first and last lines of a webpage.
<head> ... </head> and <body> ... </body> these are the two major elements within a webpage's HTML section. The HEAD is a special area that contains information about the rest of the page. The BODY is the actual content displayed within the browser.


Special area within the HTML of a webpage that carries important information about a the rest of the webpage. Also used to preload related files that the web browser requires to display the page properly.


Also known as masthead - this is the area of a webpage that appears above all else. Usually containing a logo and a site title and usually standard across a whole website (or a major section thereof).

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