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Forums are becoming more and more popular, they give users the ability to communicate or ask questions on particular subjects that the site they are on is devoted to.  Forums are an online discussion site where people can converse in the form of posted messages.  They differ from chat rooms in that messages will only display if you are a registered user of the site, this gives the owner of the site the ability to collect email addresses and other potential marketing information.  Depending on access level of a user the forum post might need to be approved by a moderator before it becomes visible.

forums have a structure, top level categories that can lead off to several or on some sites such as, thousands of sub sections or threads.  A forum can have several subforums, which can divert away from the usual topic of a site, it is up to forum moderators to try and keep posts or threads on topic and avoid bad or abusive posts.

Depending on the sites owners and their beliefs, forum users can be anonymous or have their registered username[link] displayed normally with an avatar[link] with the forum and then subsequently log in in order to post messages. Usually users do not have to log in to read existing messages.

New discussion are called threads[link], where as many people who are interested or have an opinion or an answer can post[link], this can be replied to by as many people as wish to, some threads last years and can be reopened if new or better answers/information is known.

Front-end (Site Front-end)

Web site that your visitors (or Registered Users) see. See also: Back-end (Administrator Back-end).

Front Page

Built-in Component, which shows all the published Content Items from your site marked with the parameter Show on Frontpage. You may configure the display of the Frontpage by editing the menu item associated with it, usually the Home menu item. The ordering of your Frontpage Content Items is done using the Frontpage Manager option under the Content menu option.



File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Technically this is a set of instructions (protocols) for how two computers talk to each other when transfering files from point A to ponit B. In practise the term is more commonly used to refer to the software that carries out the procedure and is also used as the verb 'to FTP the files from my computer to the server'. If you have ever used 'Windows Explorer' (aka 'My Computer' or 'My Documents') to move files from one location on your hard drive to another (or to a floppy disk or a pen drive) then you will be able to master FTP relatively quickly.
(See our 'article' - All about FTP including Unix File Permissions

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