Joomla Glossary - D - Definitions Beginning with D

Continuing on in our series of 'articles', we start to examine the terminology and jargon that a novice Joomla user is going to have to come to terms with.  As with all articles in this series we have broken the terms down into two groups: those terms that are Joomla specific and those more general IT terms that our new user is likely to have to come to terms with.  I hope that we are now well on the way to building the most comprehensive glossary of Joomla and hope you are following and understanding the terms used so far. Once again if you think we have missed anything or if you need any sections explained better then feel free to drop us a line.


We now turn our attention to the letter 'D' and any related terms out there.

Joomla Related


An organised and searchable collection of records that are stored inside a computer. Joomla! is said to be 'database-driven', meaning the actual content (your articles) are stored within the database and retrieved 'on the fly' when a visitor to the site makes a request (see also 'Record').

Database Languages

see also MySQL and SQL

Document Object Model (DOM)

Form of representation of structured documents as an object-oriented model; the official World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard for representing structured documents in a platform, and language, neutral manner. DOM is also the basis for a wide range of application programming interfaces, some of which are standardized by the W3C. See also DOMIT.


An XML parser for PHP based on the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 specification. It is lightweight, fast, and written purely in PHP. See also DOM.

Dynamic HTML (DHTML)

An extension of HTML, enables, among other things, the inclusion of small animations and dynamic menus in Web pages. DHTML code makes use of style sheets and JavaScript.





another name for a folder, a sub-division of a disk drive.


online directories - organised collections of links. Yahoo and the Open Directory Project DMOZ are probably the two best known examples.

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