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The Dean Marshall Consultancy team are a group of full time Joomla experts who provide support to large enterprises and other mid to large organisations.

We work on websites that are used by visitors all over the world, our Joomla support services are not restricted to Great Britain or even Europe. We have website support contracts with clients around the world offering truly world class support for Joomla powered websites.

Recent Joomla Support Projects:

  • Migrating 3,300 Yootheme Zoo articles from 1.5 to Joomla 2.5 including bespoke App creation (keeping all internal links working)
  • Custom module developed to list category articles adding the date to the article in the module with clever display (date in circle then title)
  • Bespoke form development allowing multiple new fields and pages to be displayed dependant upon previous choices (conditional branching)
  • On-line order form for fifty products - A new site is being developed therefore a simple, slick and quick solution was required
  • Custom component development for a course finder tool
  • Zoo template override to correct page titles and aid Search Enging Optimisation (SEO)
  • Creation of a secure members area for a very high profile (United Nations) client with three levels of security to enable secure downloads

The team are active in the Joomla community always giving free help and advice on the official Joomla forum. We also have a long and respected list of bugs found with fixes. It's not enough to find a bug in the system, if you really want to help you have to offer the fix to the Joomla development team.

As Joomla experts, DMC also develop custom digital solutions for our clients, these have included:

  • On-line elections for associations
  • On site banner advert displays and management
  • On-line poll votes for winners of monthly awards for religious association and European trade associations.
  • Fully managed A / B SEO split testing

We are Joomla experts and recognise some weaknesses with the Joomla open source CMS. Our development team have built bespoke components and plugins for Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 and recently 3.0 and 3.2.

We have added functionality to Joomla websites enabling our clients to have properly built add-ons that offer:

  • Data capture, downloadable resources in exchange for email address, name, company name, position, etc
  • Anti hacker tools for all Joomla versions, these:
    • Block IP address once a hack attempt is detected
    • Block bad bots, keeping your server up and running
    • Stop brute force attacks on server and site passwords
    • Notify you when component, module, plugin updates are available
    • Help in choosing good quality passwords and usernames
  • Searchable booking timetables for holiday website
  • The best news rotator we've ever seen - if we do say so ourselves
  • Joomla 1.5 and VirtueMart purchase order system

Our Joomla experts are on call to support clients when needed, SLAs are available and new functionality can be rolled out any time day and night to suite our clients needs. Our highly professional aptitude and Joomla expertise can be utilised by you and your company for any problem, issue or functionality request.

Expert Joomla Support From £480 Per Day

Our day rate is £480 Ex VAT, for an eight hour day.

This is dependant upon a support contract, basic details below:

Retained clients(contracted) purchase a block of hours each month, which guarantees them access to services when they need them, retained clients take priority over any project or Ad hoc work.  In return, they receive a deep discount over 33%, this is for the regular flow of work and reduced administrative burden, also to build a long term working relationship that can move your website and business forward.

A minimum of one day per month with a twelve month initial contract, three month notice is required and can be given at the start of the ninth month.

Your day(s) expert Joomla support is not restricted to a one day blast, it can and usually is spread out over a few days, several days support per month are monitored and used by clients any time during the month.

Expert Customisation Of Existing Joomla Extensions

Dean Marshall Consultancy can be hired to customise any Joomla extension. Our professional and expert staff are well versed in all aspects of Joomla functionality, meaning expert customisation is a regular part of our work.

Please supply the required functionallity and reason for customising existing components, modules and plugins. We regularly consult with clients to find a better Joomla solution then their perceived way forward.

If customising already existing extensions is the best way forward, you should expect to pay no less than £1,000 for customisation. Any project less than this will probably have a better way forward.

Expert Joomla Development

We require an exact specification of the functionality you need.

Once the project begins there is no change to the flow/functionality until the current project is finished. It's important to allow a period of consultation to make sure your project is optimal and achievable.

The better the requirements you supply the easier the project will run and the lower the cost will be to you. Development by Joomla experts is always the best way to go when using the Joomla CMS, we see hacked and botched attempts by none Joomla professionals to develop on the framework, why? hire Joomla experts to work on your Joomla website.

Hiring us will get you the results you want through our consultation process, development stage and customer focused deliverables.

Joomla Extensions and Services

Security Extensions

Joomla Security Extensions

Utilising our teams expertise we have built two of the most powerful Joomla security extensions ever - Hacker Beware and DMC Firewall

DMC Firewall is a Joomla expert security extension which aids in the protection of your Joomla powered website. DMC Firewall expands on our very successful 'Hacker Beware' script which was developed by ourselves in 2006.

History of Hacker Beware

Hacker Beware was developed to enhance security within Joomla 1.0. Joomla had standard 'blocking' where if a hacker tried to hack your website, the request was forbidden but didn't block the hacker so they could keep trying. With Hacker Beware installed those hack attempts would be recorded and the IP would be banned so they couldn't access your website which also meant that they couldn't keep attempting to hack your website. Hacker Beware was an external stand-alone script which required the webmaster to upload the script and manually make edits to the '.htaccess' file in order to improve security.

Because Hacker Beware was an external script (out-side of Joomla) - all edits had to be completed via FTP or a File Manager application. It was also tricky to update - granted there was only one key file and edits to the preexisting '.htaccess' file but they had to be done manually. There was also no easy way to view the statistics of prevented attacks - unless you had a look at either the emails that get sent or the log file but that could be time consuming. Many people now-a-days prefer the simpler method - seeing a figure that represents the number of attempts blocked.

DMC Firewall

DMC Firewall brings the Hacker Beware Web Application Firewall up-to-date and makes it easy to manage. DMC Firewall also introduces a number of new features which aid in the protection of your website from notifying you if your Super Administrator accounts have 'weak password', the ability to change your Joomla installations database table prefix, configure the security settings with a couple of clicks on your mouse.

See the full list of features and advantages on our international site:-  Web Dev Consultancy Joomla Security Experts

De-hacking Service

Joomla Website De-hacking Service

We offer two levels of 'in-situ' clean-up service, priced at £450 and £950.

If you have been hacked multiple times the more intensive £950 service is your only option. This highly skilled Joomla expert de-hack service is often sort after other so called Joomla experts cannot clean and restore a Joomla website.

Although 95% of the time our £450 service will be successful.

The way we work:

  • We will clean out the hacker files by the end of the next working day
  • If log files are available we will trace the initial vector through which the site was compromised - usually an outdated component - and we will update the component and Joomla itself if required
  • We will install our own anti-hacker protection which massively increases the security of the website

But we don't stop there

We will check again 7 days later to see if there has been any sign of recurrence and to monitor log files for any signs of attempts to re-penetrate the site. We will take action as appropriate.

But we don't stop there

We will return roughly one month after the initial clean-up and repeat the process.

Unlike other 'Joomla security experts'

We assure the quality of our work - we stand by our work and we stand by our clients and their websites.

Speed Up Joomla

Joomla Site Speed

Do you need help to speed up your Joomla website? We have a great deal of experience showing website operators how to speed-up slow Joomla websites, in fact it's one of our most sort after services, this service truly highlights our Joomla expert knowledge and abilities as we speed up sites other Joomla experts cannot.

We can help you - if you've been asking yourself one of these questions:

Why is my website slow?
How do I speed up my site?
How to optimize Performance?

A major reason to speed up a slow Joomla website is that Google and other search engines now factor site speed into their algorithms helping to decide the order in which your website is inserted into search results. Slow websites appear further down the search engine results. Faster websites, over time, will rise to the top and gain more visitors.

There is absolutely no reason for a slow Joomla website - they should perform at the same speed as any other website, no faster and no slower - we can help increase Joomla's speed. Like all websites, a number of factors can impact CMS website speed, reducing performance and making the website slow.  We can find the cause, and fix website speed issues in order to help speed-up your site.

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