Getting Professional Help To Fix The Pharma Hack

Finding your website listed in search engines such as Google with links and descriptions hijacked and manipulated to mention Viagra or related pharmaceutical products is not one of life's finest moments. We understand the difficulties that the average owner or operator of a website finds themselves in when this happens.  We understand that running websites is not the major part of most people's job description and that 'webmaster' is probably just one extra hat that you wear.

In the other pages within this hacking and security area of our website, we have tried to provide information that will help the more technically savvy to check whether they have been hacked, or to confirm they have if they already suspected. We have provided an explanation of how the hack works and why people hack other people's websites. Moreover we've provided some quite in-depth tools to help techies to start to look into removing the pharma hack themselves.

At the same time though we know many of you whilst perhaps able to check/confirm the existence of the hack, will no doubt find the removal / cleansing stages a step too far. We understand this and want to let you know that we are here for you.

Professional Help to Remove the Pharma Hack

Dean Marshall Consultancy can help you to fix your website and remove the Pharma hack - permanently - and unlike every other organisation we are aware of WE GUARANTEE IT.

We are aware of many sites that get re-hacked, often multiple times because of a botched clean-up process. We have the experience and the expertise to

  • Confirm a website is hacked
  • Verify whether the hack is the Pharma hack or some variation on the theme
  • We can scan your website files for malicious files that don't belong
  • We can upgrade your Joomla installation or other CMS
  • We can, in most cases, identify the initial entry point - the vulnerability that got you hacked
  • We can secure your site so that it is no longer vulnerable
  • We will provide security options to harden the general level of security on your site
  • We will put in place software to detect anyone trying to connect to the removed hacker files

We will usually do all of the above within 24 hours. 

Guaranteed Fix For Pharma Hack - Black Hat SEO Hack

Additionally, and this is the real 'added value' of our service: We will return and re-scan your system after three days, and again after approximately one month all inclusive within the one-off fee.

Our clients do NOT get re-infected with the pharma hack - full stop. Any re-infection - and we can proudly boast here that it has only happened two or three times - will be cleared AT NO EXTRA COST and the clock will start over.  We will cleanse, wait three days, re-check, wait one month, recheck. And so on.

Call us today to discuss your requirements. We welcome clients from all around the world. UK 0800 756 6482 - International +44 1524 63492 or use the link below to send us a message via our online contact form.

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