Pipex Update - We Recommend Plus.Net

If you ever saw my two articles about Pipex Internet it will come as no surprise that this was a company on its last legs.

Are Pipex Internet Fraudsters
I believe Pipex Internet are Fraudulent Criminals

After a considerable battle, and many frustrations dealing with officialdom hell-bent on defending Pipex for no reason, I eventually got my money back - twice over, and at one point with a firm commitment for another payment - however they welched on this final payment. Some things never change!

Pipex was subsequently swallowed up by Tiscali who as far as I can tell from the emails and phone calls I continued to receive from other frustrated customers seem to have continued the same fine traditions of not honouring cancellation requests and dipping randomly into customer accounts.

It will therefore come as little surprise that Tiscali is also no more having in turn been swallowed up by Talk Talk. I can only wish any of their customers well - for I have serious doubts about anyone who would buy up the remnants of these companies.

Anyway - I've had a number of requests from people wishing to know who I recommend as an Internet Service Provider in these days of uncertainty with so much consolidation within the industry.

I have paused before allowing myself to make any such recommendation.  If you read the previous articles you will see that as one of those IT 'Go to guys' who family, friends and colleagues turn to for advice I had previously had no hesitation in recommending Pipex.  Having been stung so badly I felt it necessary to tread carefully.

Now even before I first signed up with Pipex there was another ISP on my radar. The two had been neck and neck through all of my assessments - to this day I can't tell you why I went with Pipex, there was an element of random choice between two companies that were too close to call.

Well - after things went bad with Pipex I surveyed the ISP landscape and found that there was now only one clear winner.  Now a couple of years later I have had no problems with this company (now a BT subsidiary). My only related issue was their refusal to install new lines into our new offices when we expanded - their BT links prevented this, and we were forced to go elsewhere for new phone lines and a broadband bundle.  Of course as soon as we are able we intend to get our MAC code and transfer our broadband service.

My home broadband has been incredibly reliable, I saw an immediate increase in speed when the move was made and I recently upgraded to an even better package that gave me a £10 per month saving while giving me a four fold increase in capacity.  I really am a happy bunny.

Anyway - the long and the short of it is that I now have no hesitation in recommending Plus.net to you for all of your home phone and broadband needs.

I would be honoured if you would at least consider clicking through on the first link which would gain us a small commission should you choose to proceed. If, for any reason at all, you would prefer to click through on a direct link then please use the second link.

Affiliate link: Plus.Net

Direct Link: www.plus.net

If at any stage you are asked about how you heard about Plus.net please tell them I sent you - my Plus.net user name is 'DeanMarshall' without the quotes.

I'd like to thank all those people who contacted me to offer their support during my skirmish, and to wish my very best to those who contacted me letting me know of their own plight at the hands of this outfit.

As it is - I'm just glad it all passed and that I got my money back and helped alert others to the way this organisation behaved. The recordings of the phone calls to the Pipex call centre are still accessible via the second of the two stories linked to at the top of this article - perhaps I just like the sound of my own voice (metaphorically speaking) but I still find them enthralling to listen to from time to time.

If I ever get embroiled in anything like that again I think I'll throw myself into it completely - campaign website, tv and radio interviews and legal action much earlier in the process. Hopefully though - for the sake of my health and my marriage - I'll avoid such situations.

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